Fight League 7: The Grand Prix King Mohammed VI

Thongchai vs Hamicha Mezouari headlining royal event in Tanger, Morocco

On August 5th Fight League will host their seventh event in the city of Tanger, the event headlines “Thai Terminator” Thongchai and the Dutch/Moroccan “The Wonderkid” Mohamed Mezouari (aka Hamicha). Other notable fighters on the main card: Walid Hamid, Tayfun Ozcan and Bayrak Ertugrul.

– Thongchai vs Mohamed Mezouari
– Ilias Chakir vs Tayfun Ozcan
– Redouane Lagha vs Walid Hamid
– Aziz Felak vs Bayrak Ertugrul
– Soufiane Khabchache vs Hicham Achalhi
– Lazrak Mohamed vs Romano Bakboord
– Wail Karroumi vs Hakim El Cadi

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